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In the author's second release, Jelani Curtis and 360's follows Lateef—a relatively normal

High-School Sophomore—through the city of Detroit. When Lateef discovers that wishes are granted for getting 360 waves, it instantly becomes clear what he and his hair must do.

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Seeing that 36o's takes place in the author’s hometown, Detroit, Michigan, a portion of the proceeds will go to Feed the Frontlines Detroit, to support Detroit restaurants and provide meals to the Detroit police, Fire Dept., EMS and healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis.

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The Dragon Slayer:

and his merciless path

to King's Castle

by Jelani Curtis

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GOOD NIGHT is a new division of Night-time Stories for Adults, dedicated to produce and champion initiatives for those in need. Whether it’s developing a website to simply demand justice For Breonna, reimagining underserved communities, or creating games for seniors, the mission is to turn nightmares into Good Nights.

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